Monthly Auto Re-Order makes reordering essential medical supplies convenient and easy. By using our Auto Reorder program to schedule recurring orders after an initial purchase, establish repeat deliveries on any schedule you require:


Step 1   Create an account at
Step 2   Contact us to opt into our Auto Reorder program by phone or by Please note, we will need to speak to you by phone to confirm the details of your Auto Reorder schedule and payment option.

That’s it! Once you have completed these two steps, automatically ships your requested medical supplies according to your established schedule.

Auto Reorder benefits

  • Lowest price at time of order: Our automated system ensures that you obtain the lowest item price and shipping rate available when your next delivery is due.
  • Automated shipping notification: An email confirmation is sent each time your order is shipped to let you know your expected critical items are on the way as scheduled.
  • Automatic backorder or substitute item processing: If any item is on backorder at the time of your scheduled order, will either automate this process to ensure that your order ships as soon as possible or call you to discuss other product options—without any additional effort from you.
  • Peace of mind: Never worry about running low or running out of essential medical supplies again with our personalized and secure Auto Reorder process.

OneLink Club + Auto Reorder = Save more when you spend!

If you create an Auto Reorder plan of six months or longer with a value of $350 or more, will enroll you in our OneLink Club saving program for one year
FREE! (Regular annual fee: $36). Members of the OneLink Club receive

•  5% off their orders*
•  10% off any one order during their membership year*
•  Special members-only offers*
*Conditions apply.

To qualify for a free OneLink Club membership, you must create and maintain an Auto Reorder plan in good standing for at least six months with a minimum total order value of $350. If you cancel your Auto Reorder plan in less than six months or modify your plan so that your minimum total order value is less than $350, your OneLink Club membership will be cancelled.

With an OneLink Club membership added to your Auto Reorder plan, save more every time you order from us! For more about the OneLink Club membership, benefits, and conditions, please click here. 

Auto Reorder FAQs

  • Is Auto Reorder available on all products?
    Yes. You can auto-reorder any product.

  • How do I join the Auto Reorder program?
    Simply contact customer service at 1.888.511.4170 or email us following your initial order. We will be happy to assist you in establishing your personalized Auto Reorder plan.

  • How much is shipping on Auto Reorders?
    The Auto Reorder program shipping rates match the standard shipping rates of OneLinkDirect. We will guarantee you the lowest available shipping rate on the date that the reorder is processed. We will send your reorder via the shipping method you selected in your first order or as decided when we create your Auto Reorder plan.

  • How can I cancel or change the products set up for Auto Reorder?
    Modifying or canceling your Auto Reorder is easy. Simply contact a customer service agent by calling 1.888.511.4170 or email us at may modify or cancel your Auto Reorder up to two (2) business days before your scheduled ship date. If you notify us of an Auto Reorders plan cancellation with less than two business days notice, your final order may be shipped. In this case, we will issue you a refund upon return of the order.

  • What happens if an Auto Reorder item is on backorder?
    The backordered Auto Reorder item will be shipped as soon as it becomes available. may also call you to discuss possible item substitution if a similarly priced item is available for your regular shipment. However, you may also contact us to modify or cancel your Auto Reorder order for a backordered item at any time up to two (2) business days before your scheduled ship date.

  • Will backorders affect my Auto Reorder schedule?
    A backorder will not affect the Auto Reorder schedule for the item. Shipping will continue as scheduled by your personal Auto Reorder plan, not by the date that an item was last shipped.

  • What if an Auto Reorder item is discontinued?
    If an item is discontinued, all Auto Reorder orders for that item will be automatically canceled and you will be notified of the cancellation. Any other items on an Auto Reorder plan will continue to be shipped as initially requested.

  • What happens if the manufacturer changes an Auto Reorder item?
    If a manufacturer modifies the size or formulation of a product under the identical UPC or item number, your Auto Reorder will continue unless you choose to cancel. However, if the manufacturer assigns a new UPC or item number and discontinues the original product, the Auto Reorder will be discontinued as described above.


  • will send a reorder confirmation email and a shipment confirmation email after each Auto Reorder is processed and shipped.
  • By requesting an Auto Reorder, you authorize One Link to charge your credit card for subsequent orders until you cancel.
  • Unless directed otherwise in writing by the customer, One Link will automatically bill the credit card used for the initial order or the credit card given when the Auto Reorder plan is created for all subsequent orders.
  • All Auto Reorder program shipments will be charged on the day the order is forwarded to the warehouse for processing. On all reorders, customers will be charged the lowest available price for each item at the time of processing.
  • The price paid for an item in the initial order is not guaranteed for subsequent orders. Customers will not be notified of price changes before subsequent orders are processed and shipped. Sales tax, if applicable, will be applied to each Auto Reorder shipment.
  • reserves the right to modify or terminate this program at any time without prior notice
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