HSA/FSA payment made easy.

Use your HSA (Health Savings Account) and FSA (Flexible Spending Account) debit cards to make the purchases you need, when you need them.*

Simply enter the card information as you would any other debit card when placing your order. It’s a safe and efficient way to make the most of your health savings or flexible spending dollars.


FSA – Use It, Don’t Lose It!

FSA cards with plans that have no carryover option or grace period for unused funds will expire at the end of the plan year. Use your FSA funds to purchase eligible CPAP equipment and supplies on One LinkDirect before the year’s end!

(Check your Specific Plan Details to determine if a grace period or carryover is available to you.)


Healthcare spending shouldn’t be a burden.

We understand the strain that High Deductible Health Plans and out-of-pocket medical expenses can place on patients and their families. That’s why we’re proud to be one of the few online medical stores that accept HSA and FSA debit cards — where you can use pre-tax contributions — for qualified retail purchases*.


*Please verify your eligibility with your plan administrator. Only your plan administrator can determine exactly what products are accepted under your plan.


Q Are all health-related products on One Link Direct eligible for FSA and HSA debit card as a payment option?

A Most products on One Link Direct are eligible for FSA/HSA payment option. However, certain items may not be eligible under your plan. For FSA and HSA reimbursement eligibility guidelines, please refer to your FSA or HSA plan document or summary plan description, or contact your plan administrator.

Q Are CPAP equipment and supplies eligible for FSA/HSA payment?
A Typically, CPAP equipment and supplies are eligible for FSA/HSA payment, but you should confirm that with your FSA or HSA plan document or summary plan description, or contact your plan administrator. You should also confirm with your FSA or HSA plan the eligibility of CPAP cleaning and comfort products.

Q Why Buy on One Link Direct?
A One Link Direct offers a carefully selected portfolio of the world’s finest home medical products including CPAP and respiratory products, independent living and bath safety, as well as personal care, incontinence and mobility accessories. As a consumer, you will enjoy a premium shopping experience with the very best products at the very best prices every day.

Q Can I split an online payment between my FSA/HSA card and another credit/debit card?
No, the available funds on the FSA or HSA debit card MUST be sufficient to cover the complete order on One Link Direct. Currently, there are no split payments allowed. For example, if the total shopping cart order is $575 and the consumer only has $500 in available funds on their FSA/HSA card – the payment cannot be completed or split using just that card. The consumer would have to split the purchase into two or more transactions – one on the FSA/HSA debit card within the available funds limit, and the other(s) on one or more other credit/debit card(s) for the remaining items.

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